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Oneg schedule:

From Retha Lynch 

Hello Everyone,  Thank you so much to Betty Bernz, Jonatha Gibaud, Ken Wallston, Sybil Stuart, Steve Butter, and Ellen and Howard Rock for hosting the July Onegs.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for August, too. 

I'm now seeking volunteers for the month of September.  Please take a moment and look at your calendars.  I need volunteers for September 1st, 8th, and 15th.  Thank you all for your response, Retha [☺]

Who We Are

In the spring of 2001, Norman and Shelley Bossert placed a small ad in the Transylvania Times.  It asked two simple questions, "Are You Jewish?  Do you want to meet for Torah study on Friday nights?"  In the next 24 hours the Bossert phone rang 57 times and the Brevard Jewish Community was born.

Services are held every Friday, 7:30 pm in the Social Hall of the Sacred Heart Church​. Summertime hours.

This schedule will change AFTER Friday night, September 1st. Starting September 8th, services will begin at 7pm.

The Brevard Jewish Community

Torah Study meets Saturday, at noon, in Classroom 9 at the Sacred Heart.

Coming Events​​

Aug 25th,    Annual Dinner

Sept 1,         Howard Rock

Sept 20/21  Rosh Hashanah

Sept 30th/Oct 1, Yom Kippur

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