The Brevard Jewish Community

If the news these days has made you upset or worse, we have some good news to allay your suffering. After a hiatus for the holidays, Torah Study resumes this Saturday. You can dismiss the political nightmares  you see on your television and turn to a search for wisdom and deeper meaning in your life.

Torah Study will meet on Saturday at noon.

The portion is Parashat Vayechi / פרשת ויחי
Genesis 47:28 - 50:26

This week’s portion, the last portion in Genesis, deals with Jacob’s Death and his blessing (and curse) as he decides which of his sons will lead after his death. The heart of this portion is chapter 49, a cryptic poem in which he discusses each of his many sons and their destiny and the reasons for their fates, both good and bad. Then in the last chapter (50) Jacob dies and is buried in Canaan while Joseph maintains his high position in Egypt and the Israelites settle into a long stay  in that fabled nation. Come join us as we explore both ancient recent and contemporary interpretations, both traditional and academic.
You may want to look at pp. 189-197 of Kugel’s How to Read the Bible and the following Reform interpretation of the meaning of angels:

Please print out the attached file and the Reform interpretation.


Torah Study