Our services run around forty-five minutes and include interactive songs and readings, usually supplemented by a lively discussion on an important subject, or else with significant and challenging speakers from both within and without our community. It is good to enter into  the spirit of the Sabbath, a time  in which our personal concerns drop away for a few hours and we get a sense of the larger meaning of life and of fellowship. A fellowship unconcerned with wealth or occupation  or standing. That is what Shabbat can do  – take us to a place of repose, equality, community and perhaps even peace of mind. You don’t need to be “religious” to partake of it.  Be part of the identified Jewish community, part of your heritage.

Howard Rock

Tue, Mar 12

to Howard


I have attached for those who are interested my entire fifteen reports on my trip to Israel last October.  With the election fast approaching it is, I believe, important that American Jews be aware of what is happening in Israel, to have an informed attitude, whatever attitude he ro she chooses..  I hope that this can be of service in that regard.