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20th Century Wisdom

for Modern Relationships

Join us for a spring learning series to discuss the 20th-century Jewish philosopher, thinker, and political activist Martin Buber. Psychologist, author, and teacher Dr. Justin Levitov will guide an in-depth discussion of Buber’s influential book I and Thou. Influencing the work of Martin Luther King Jr. and other prominent theologians and thinkers, Buber’s insights cut across time, revealing important truths about relationships in today’s increasingly polarized world.  

“Spirit is not in the I but between I and You.”

- Martin Buber, I and Thou

Join the Center for Spiritual Wisdom (CSW) as we come together to read I and Thou in community, sharing and developing personal insights into the world of relationships. This series will offer a slow walk through the theory of Interpretation, and Part 2 of Buber’s influential book I and Thou. We will welcome your individual take on the text, invite your participation in group discussions, and ask you to share your insights if you wish to. The first session will be a recap of Part 1 of I and Thou. The 4-week series will meet on Tuesdays May 7, 14, 21, and 28 at Elk Haven Wellness Center from 5:30 to 7:00 PM Registration is available at $59 per person (Regular Admission) or $89 (Admission Plus, which helps defray the actual cost of this and other CSW events).

The series will be facilitated by Brevard resident, Justin Levitov, an emeritus graduate professor of Counseling at Loyola University New Orleans. Martin Buber's I and Thou formed the core of a course on counseling theory that Justin developed and taught for two decades. He is currently in private practice offering Tandem Couples Counseling to clients in North Carolina, New Mexico, Florida and Louisiana.

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Although we will not be conducting a community seder, we will have a festive Shabbat potluck dinner at Sacred Heart on Friday, April 26. This will be a wonderful time for us to gather in honor of Passover and to find moments of fellowship during this important holiday.


Leading Services

If you are interested in leading a Shabbat Service, you can sign up on our website on the Shabbat page. We will be delighted to help you.  We would like as many leaders as possible. You will have freedom to construct a service to your needs and spirit.

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