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A Special Documentary Screening

The Asheville JCC invites you to a screening of A Tree of Life.  This viewing is free to all members of Jewish organizations of WNC.  It takes place on Wednesday, December 13th at 6:30 pm.

Following the screening there will be a discussion about security with the Asheville JCC’s Security and Facilities Director, Joseph Nunan.


On Saturday, October 27th, 2018, a white supremacist, further radicalized by the political climate at the time, walked into the Tree of Life Synagogue with four semi-automatic assault weapons, shouting “all Jews must die.” He murdered eleven congregants, ranging in age from 54 to 97, as they prayed. A TREE OF LIFE: THE PITTSBURGH SYNAGOGUE SHOOTING creates a deeply personal, trauma-informed portrait of the survivors, victims, and victims' family members of the Pittsburgh Synagogue attack, and brings into sharp focus the hate-based crisis that threatens our collective safety and the very social fabric of our society. Since this is the first film to document the survivors’ stories and the only documentary with this level of personal access to the survivors and families of the victims, viewers will experience first-hand how the lives of those directly affected have profoundly changed and how the Pittsburgh community and the congregation’s  path towards healing.

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The Zoom link for upcoming services is:

      Join us 15 minutes early for a social gathering - find out the news of the community!

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Centralizing BJC Communications.   BJC is adopting a single standardized email address for member communications.  To ensure you receive these emails, please include the in your email contacts.  If you would like to be added to the list, please contact and we will reach out to assist you.


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You may be interested in events at the Asheville JCC - here's the calendar.



On Sunday, December 10, at 7:00 PM we will celebrate our annual Hanukkah party at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.  Vance, along with two members of his extended family, also accomplished musicians, will present an exciting musical program, and then provide the musical accompaniment for some of our cherished Hanukkah songs. It will be a wonderful time for fellowship as we commemorate the Maccabean revolt.

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A Poetry Shabbat

The Ritual Committee is planning to have special themes for several upcoming Shabbat services.  The first special service, Dec. 22, will feature poetry.  Anne Carey will lead this service and will deliver the D'Var Torah.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to take part by bringing a favorite poem to share.  It will be a rewarding evening. Please email Anne with the name of the poem you will be reading at

* * *

In early November the Ritual Committee had its first meeting (Norm, Howard, Anne). We discussed how to improve our weekly Shabbat services.  One suggestion was that we post a list on the website for people to sign up to lead a service. We hope many of you who have already done so will sign up. For those of you who have not yet led a service and would like to do so, we encourage you to sign up as well.  We will help you in any way we can. The more people that lead the better we are.


A second suggestion is that we have themed Shabbats. Possible themes include poetry, songs, sports figures, or anything that has a Jewish orientation. Our first themed Shabbat will be a poetry Shabbat on December 22, likely at Sacred Heart. Members will read their favorite poems as part of the service.

* * *

The Speakers Committee had its first meeting this week. Through generous gifts and our own funds, we will have at least $8000 to spend on a series of speakers on various aspects of Jewish experience. We went through a list of significant scholars who live within three hours of Brevard. From that we selected one person from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, two from the University of South Carolina and three from Emory University and one from Clemson University. We have yet to work through the many details, including dates and venues, but we hope to put together a very exciting list of men and women who will greatly broaden our insights into the Jewish experience ranging from Jewish history to Bible study. We hope to begin the series either in January or February. Stay tuned.

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